How To Test Your Swimming Pool Promptly Before Starting The Party

Chlorine Tablet

If you are going to celebrate a swimming pool party with friends or your parents will visit you this weekend and you want to make a BBQ party around the pool area, then you could wonder the state of the pool water. The only choice in this situation is you should test your pool for the next level.

Chlorine Tablet

For those who get experience about dealing with this issue, you completely know how to do next step, but you are not on this track right now, you might ask for help in the local stores because they have the pool water test kit as well as other test equipment.

Then, they will let you know how to clean the pool or apply the shock solutions for your pool.

If you know how to tackle the issue, you will test your pool to the next level by yourselves at home but you should read some factors and tricks to ensure your methods are correct.

Take the water sample

The suitable water sample will range from 12 to 18 in the level (below the water surface) after the system has been gotten ready for one hour. To have the correct result, you should adjust the test kit from the elbow to the deep water pool.

Do the test in the morning

If you have the pool with many chlorines in the water, you will need to undertake the test in the morning.

Because the sunlight contains tons of UV rays which kill the chlorines and the amount of chlorine stabilizer as well in the whole day.

When you do the test in the morning, the water could flow the old ones and evade the rays as well.

Deal with the chlorine problems

Chlorine levels could refer the pH, alkalinity, algae, etc. in the pool water and you might know the state of the pool to deal with the troubles instantly. If the chlorine levels are high, you will add more chlorine neutralizer to balance the total chlorine. Read the instructions to ensure the doses on the kit.

There is not any chlorine stabilizer that is suitable for the test trips, so you should use a test kit with reagents to check the chlorines if the pool water has high chlorine levels.

Use the test strips

Once you use the test strips, you should wait for the colors change on the strips about 20 seconds. After the changing time, you need to compare the state of the strips immediately.

If you wait for longer, the colors of the strips will change other states and it offers an inaccurate result.

Similarly, when applying the reagents, do not take many minutes to watch out the state because you do not get the exact result anymore.

Draw attention to the storage conditions

After finishing the test process, you should keep these test materials away from the sunlight or in the harsh environment. Take them in a dark area and cool conditions as well.

Water movement

Before applying the chlorines or other chemicals on the pool, you should check the water. On the one hand, the chemicals could impact on the pool water during a day or longer to get the final result.

Thus, you should wait for one day after taking the chemicals to the pool and check the water pool again.

Expand the test

Chlorine and pH are the fundamental elements of a great pool water, but you should also expand the test to other substances and components. All of these extra elements are not tricky to undertake even though you are testing pool beginner.

Use the instant test strips, liquid test kits and combine your schedule to upgrade the test process for your pool. Furthermore, you enable to handle the water and prevent possible troubles to have an ideal pool for swimming pool party in the forthcoming time.

Clean the pool routinely

Do not forget to clean the pool regularly to reduce your time to check the water state all the time. Once you keep the water pool clean, you absolutely have the positive consequence of the test process and remove your concerns about the pool issues clearly.

You should use the automatic pool cleaner or the robotic pool cleaner to reduce the time of washing the pool. Pool owners sometimes need to look up the best robotic pool cleaner in the market and the robotic pool cleaner check out best above ground pools for backyard so you are not the only one to drive.


Are you ready for an outdoor party around the pool? Prepare the foods and beverages, but do not miss out your pool as it also needs to watch out. Test the pool water will become a great task as you will enjoy swimming in your own pool at under circumstances. And now, this is the time to harvest and get fun with others around the pool.

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