How To Reduce The State of The Cloudy Pool Water

It is a disappointing issue for swimming pool owners to solve when you have the cloudy pool water, especially when you cleaned it last day or last week. In this article, you will find out the reasons why and how to treat this awful situation within methods to cut down the cloudy pool water smoothly. It will not become a challenging factor and spend much time if you attempt to undertake these treatments.

The reasons why do you have cloudy pool water

The outside environment

You do not know the outside environment could be a perfect reason for the cloudy pool. However, this is one of the most popular factors which your pool have to bear. Birds, construction, trees, gardens, pool algae, the sun, the weather and even human are the top list.

The pool filter and movement systems

In spite of the waste of money from the filter and circulation systems, you should open the filters routinely (from eight to ten hours per day), as the filters will remove bad substances in the water and clean your pool.

Many bad substances appear in your pool might cause the cloudy pool absolutely. If the filter system does not work well, you need to check it promptly.

Wrong chemicals

Swimming pool chemistry is one of the most awkward parts for pool owners. Thus, they often put wrong chemicals or they do not know the number of chemicals are the certain reasons of cloudy pool water. This problem will lead to creating the pool algae if they do not check the pool all the time.

The levels of pH, alkalinity, chlorine, calcium firmness and other cleansers are extremely crucial for swimming pool water and prevent the state of the cloudy.

How to reduce the state of the cloudy pool water?

Once you recognize the reasons why do you have the cloudy water, you will know how to solve this issue. Here are a few solutions for pool owners to apply.

Check the pool water by the swimming pool test kit

Swimming pool test is a vital requirement whether you own a public pool or home pool to fix the cloudy pool water. You enable to ask for help from the cleaning services, but you should have the – double check the swimming pool by a test kit in order to have the exact results.

If you have a salt water pool, then you could use an all in one kit which includes a valid saline test. You will have a worthy value once you pay a great test pool kit for a while.

Use the pool filter and circulation systems

Diatomaceous earth (DE), cartridge (paper) and sand are three core filters which you should consider to purchase and use for your pool.

DE is the most effective when it comes to oozing than the cartridge and the sand filter system.

The DE and the cartridge filter system are the best options for home pools while these filters are not perfect for public pools like hotels and apartments due to their propensity to block and require constant of replacing of filter platform.

On the flip side, the sand filter system is the greatest choice for public swimming pools and semi – ones.

However, the sand filter system also blocks the sand and other bad substances in the pool which might lead to the state of the cloudy and dirty. Therefore, do not forget to change the new ones every year.

Use the right chemicals

The clarifier

Use the automatic pool cleaner is also known coagulant when it comes to the home pools is a tremendous way, especially when you need to keep clean the pool weekly.

Pool cleaners will collect many tiny substances which are making your pool water dirty or cloudy.

With several small substances will make larger pieces of substances and the filter systems have the opportunity to gather more and more particles from your swimming pool.

The shock

The cloudy water could come out the lack of free chlorine if the pool has more than 0.3ppm difference between full chlorine and free chlorine.

It means that you get high levels of chloramines and a shock method could be efficient. Pool shock might kill chloramines and cut down the amount of the chlorine in the water pool.

Please bear in mind that your cloudy pool water will return after a few hours when you apply a shock solution only. Thus, you need to add the filtration running and clean the pool till the pool has washed up.

The flocculant (floc)

The floc is the similar solution of the clarifier as the product will gather small substances together and this is also a quick way.

However, the floc does not require the filter – out process, they will drop to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Then, these substances will need to vacuum, anfxd you could take a swimming pool vacuum to the bottom of the pool directly.

Do not forget to add much water to the pool in the vacuum cleaning process as it could waste much water.

On the other hand, you might use a robotic vacuum cleaner instead of taking normal cleaner.

Do not miss out consider the best inground robotic cleaner and wonder what is the best robotic pool cleaner to buy.


Prevent the state of the cloudy pool water is a tricky process as you need to consume your time and practice those treatments regularly. As a result, you will have a great pool with beautiful water, and invite your family members as well as your friends to enjoy a swimming pool party freely.

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