Swings for babies are made of several materials. Certainly, people are trying to find out the safest kinds of material for making baby swings. Up to the present, there have been four most popular materials used. However, odd one out, natural wood material may be selected to be the safest, especially for making the best baby swing for 6 month old babies. To help you understand the reasons why, I will bring out some comparisons between natural wood and other materials as well as wood characteristics analysis.


  1. Characteristics of natural wood

The name of the material also indicates for us several characteristics. First and foremost, I will mention some outstanding features of wood over other kinds of materials.

  • Safe organic elements

You know that wood is cut from trees so all the organic elements are all natural. It is formed from water, soil nutrients and the tree nutrients. Therefore, wood is very safe for your babies.

  • Friendly

Wood is considered to be the friendliest material of all times thanks to its no harmful release to the environment.

  • Steady

It cannot be denied that wooden swings are the steadiest and most durable. In other words, the wood material creates feeling of steadiness.

  1. Features of a wooden baby swing

A wooden baby swing has a number of brilliant features that other materials may not have as follows.

  • Keep stable

Wooden baby swings usually look more stable than those made of metal or rattan. If you have used any wooden furniture, you will understand why wood is widely selected. In terms of baby swings, wood is utilized to make:

  • Frames

Frames are the most important part of a swing that has an influence on the development of babies’ bone.

  • Wheels

Many people appear to be surprised when they know swing wheels are made of wood. In fact, in many cases, wood material is rounded, smoothed and polished so that it can run on the floor well. Wooden wheels may not leave any scratch on the wood or brick floor.

  • Fences and rails

Fences and rails made of wooden are often very firm and a major of wooden swings are designed with these protective ranges.

  • Cause no allergies

Many babies are sensitive to strange materials, especially the ones that contain a large number of chemicals. However, wood material will cause no allergies for babies for several reasons.

  • Formed by natural nutrients
  • Natural wood’s characteristic is colorless, odorless and tasteless
  • Outsourced and paint carefully with safe paint layer

That is why babies are safe when they use wooden baby swings or play with wooden toys.

However, to some certain extents, wood material can create irritating sounds. It is when some wooden parts touch each other or rub themselves. Don’t worry, it is very easy to remove such noise by insert a small cloth in the joint making sound.

  1. Comparison with other materials

In this article, I will give details about what wood materials gain over metal, rattan and industrial wood.

With metal

  • Wood is safer and friendlier as metal is often processed with other chemicals to preserve it for longer.
  • It is easier to be wounded with a metal swing frame than a wooden frame.
  • Natural wood is difficult to be destroyed by weather condition while metal is easy to be rusted and worn.
  • Wood can be repainted while metal cannot.

With rattan

  • Wood fiber is stronger while rattan is soft.
  • Rattan material often makes noises when it swings while wood material can keep quiet
  • Wood is more durable than rattan

With industrial wood

  • Natural wood is safe; industrial wood is the material mixed
  • Industrial wood contains some chemicals that babies may be allergic to
  • Industrial wood is easily affected by the weather while natural wood can keep its characteristics
  1. Notes for using a wooden baby swing

Through the comparison above, the difference between natural wood and other common materials is clear. In some ways, wood appears to be the top safest material for producing swings. However, we cannot deny that using wooden baby swing can have accidents.

More specific, when babies are about 2 years old, they can stand by themselves, leaning on the frame of the swing. If we are not paying attention to our babies, they may stand up and start to step. Swinging or vibrating will scare our babies.

Furthermore, babies are often wounded by sharp edges while they are very curious. They will use their hands to tab, rub and hit the edges. In case, all the edges of the swing are not rounded, we had better choose the round ones or use some cloth to tight those edge. We will prevent babies from hitting pointy edges.

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