These days, baby care products that have multiple functions seem to be produced of larger number thanks to the great convenience they bring. When it comes to choosing a multi – functional baby swing, there are a lot of standards it has to be compatible with. The swings which only have one function will make babies bored quite soon and it will take time for you to think of other ways to please them while it is an irritating thing that can make parents angry. In fields of figuring out functions and characteristics as well of the swing, you need time for surfing the internet and reading. You may have to search for several sites for accumulate and collect all the information. However, today, in this article, I will show you all the necessary standards for a multi – functional baby swing.


  1. Comparison between mono – functional and multi – functional baby swing

As mentioned little above, mono – functional products are easy to make people bored with it. The reason is that people cannot do one thing all the time, which can reduce their imagination and creativity. So do our babies. Even though babies are said to be innocent have very little knowledge about the life, indeed they are intelligent and can give appraisal to everything they get access to. When they have to play in the baby swing every day and sleep in that place, they will not want to touch it any longer. I am certain about this since there are a lot of mothers sharing this. If there is either no change or no new thing, babies will default their thought that there may have only this baby swing and they may become less creative.

By contrast, when babies have an opportunity to access and experience new swings or swings with many more interesting roles, they will have different views about different objects and will have comparison in their mind about what are in the front. A multi – function swings may have some following features:

  • Able to automatically swing lightly and strongly
  • Vibrate toys for babies playing
  • Have fans and can give cool air for babies in hot weather
  • Can drop the bed net automatically if the mode is selected
  • Stop swinging as the time set up
  • Have adjustable swing speed within the time set

And there are more outstanding points that the multi – functional swinging equipment consists of. Through the list above, we may understand why this type of baby swing is chosen by so many people

  1. More reasons for choosing a baby swing of multiple functions

Insure safety

The pine wood is the most popular material for making multi – functional baby swings. However, after you know that the swing is made of pine wood, it is essential to check out the origin of the product. A lot of manufacturers tell a lie when they have the label showing all the specifications and wrong origins of the material. This is to trick customers and make customers buy their products. A qualified multi – functional swing should have full of documents of producing as well as materials to make it. The good pine wood can derive from New Zealand or some countries of tropical climate.

Pine wood swings will insure safety. The paint layer is waterproof, has no smell and is very friendly to our babies. One noticeable point is that a waterproof paint layer will prevent rotted condition which will worsen the quality of the swing. Furthermore, odorless and tasteless wood material will have no harm for babies’ health. Therefore, the pine wood material can make you confident about this product.

Many choices for swinging

The multi – functional swings have 4 swinging choices as bellows.

  • Lulling babies automatically

With this choice, you will not have to sing or hold babies in your arms to oblige them to sleep. The slightness of lulling mode will help better the sleep and give you more resting time or time for carrying out other duties. While your babies are sleeping, you can get some sleep for a while then you can wake up to prepare some more delicious for your families as well. The continuous slight speed will bring deeper sleep.

  • Becoming a bed

Many types of multi – functional baby swings can be reassembled easily to turn from a swing to a normal bed. I am sure that your babies will be much interested in this creative feature.

  • Becoming a playing crib

Babies will be kept safer when they can play in a crib rather than playing in the second floor near the stairs. You can feel free to do other jobs while babies are in the crib.

  • Becoming a hammock

When your babies are older, they may get bored with the swing but with different shape like a hammock, they may be very excited at.

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